Fara Limak Part(FLP) Group
“If you can think it…we at FLP can build it!”
Founded in 2010, FLP was based on the single-focus philosophy - Innovation! Operating successfully amidst a throng of competitors and an array of clients who are more informed now than ever before; it has been this single focus that has helped FLP stand out and deliver.
At FLP, we bring a wide range of custom information security solutions to entities and businesses. Our customers are of highest importance to us, as are their successes. We believe in establishing long lasting relationships that provides great success and strength.
FLP provides innovative information security solutions to a broad range of institutions, including sectors such as airports, education, government, and law enforcement. Our company creates custom solutions to meet your needs. We leverage powerful technologies and solutions to build flexible, reliable, convenient, and secure systems ranging from automation to identification to tracking. Our custom solutions include forensics, surveillance, security through cryptography, and much more. We work with our clienteles one on one to guaranty our results and ensure satisfaction.

FLP is committed to being the pioneer provider of customized Business-IT security, management and communication solutions.
Our team of experts are highly dedicated and knowledgeable. With 15 years in the business and several successful ventures, we are experienced and reliable. We pride ourselves on many factors, such as ethical responsibility, customer satisfaction, ongoing self-improvement, integrity, openness, passion, and excellence.
To enable precise benefits in terms of business prosperity by providing top-notch services and solutions on a regular basis. Through industry oriented solutions and next gen technologies, we are the lever that any company needs for getting unique value-added services. Combining world-class talent with ourselves, we help set standards at the world stage, all the while steadily improving ourselves.
Delivering comprehensive state-of-the-art solutions, global domain expertise and performance-driven value systems defines our DNA. With such a modernized work culture, we aspire to be the world’s leading next gen business enterprise solutions provider the world over. We facilitate as the catalyst and the amplifier of returns on technology investments.
To enable all clients associated with us to get a unique value-addition and a pleasant experience. To build a brand at the global stage that many know about and most care about.
No 4, Sarmad Street, North Sohrevardi, Tehran Iran