We provide a fully equipped knowledge-base through a contact centre that provides comprehensive

Have a contact centre that’s a full-fledged solutions centre in itself
Keeping up with today’s connected world means interacting with your customers the way they want.
Your contact with your client can now determine the business of your future,

Our contact center solutions combine phone, email, live chat and more, so you can deliver the right experience for you and your customers.

We offer both cloud-based and on-site solutions, suitable for both offices and homeworkers. They’re highly flexible, letting you respond to fluctuations in customer demand. Our reporting and data analytics enable you to measure and manage your contact center performance. We also offer managed Media Recording, Workforce Management and other supporting services.

Staff that is fully knowledgeable and has and is are equipped with expertise is the new concept of contact centers

Let FLP Meeting technology take your conference room to the next level of innovation.

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, resources are limited and demands are high. Clear and efficient communication is key. Achieving better meeting efficiency through technology is one way that modern organizations are evolving and succeeding.  Staying up to date on the latest meeting technology can be a true competitive advantage for both you and your clients. Black Box offers a number of conference room solutions that will help your team turn every meeting into a productive endeavor.

From video distribution and wireless presentations to room control, scheduling, and interactive digital signage, our conference room technology can help create an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and improves meeting outcomes.

Choose the right partner to be one of the leading multi-channel communication providers in the market today
Your contact center is one of the major decision-makers in your business today
A contact center with the right talent team is a power house of solutions
Konverge helps you identify the issues and resolve the issues through your team to reach a viable solution

Channel selection is crucial for the message to reach the right audience at the right time

Enterprise integration is strategized by Konverge to optimize the benefits

To meet the ever changing face of the multi-channel world of today’s times, we design a channel and enterprise integration strategy to combat challenges to be able to meet the exact requirements of your customers. Multi-channel selection, configuration, deployment etc. is done by team Konverge to facilitate smooth communication through all the crucial channels to give tangible business benefits.

Call Center Workforce Optimization is a customer experience strategy that modernizes call center technologies and platforms, through the use of digital channels, to increase employee engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Call Center Workforce Optimization is a customer experience strategy that modernizes call center technologies and platforms, through the use of digital channels, to increase employee engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

An increase in workforce quality and the ability to empower call center agents leads to great customer experience (CX).
Companies who have successfully improved their customer service strategy focused on modernizing their call center workforce management.
Technologies such as cloud enable flexibility to give a better customer service
The deployment of Cloud aims to make the customer experience and user experience a delight

Today's contact center goes beyond providing customer support and keeping customers satisfied. It also generates a significant amount of data essential to improving the customer experience.

Business intelligence encompasses all strategies and techniques used to analyze data and provide actionable insights for a company's strategy. Companies use these insights to optimize sales and marketing funnels, increase customer retention and improve ROI. Some businesses focus on sales and marketing for BI data sources, but understanding why customers contact a company, the problems they encounter, and common questions asked give valuable insight on the entire customer journey.

FLP has been a leader in voice technology for nearly 10 years and also ran a well-oiled contact center business for much of that time. We recognize the challenges you face and have spent a decade refining solutions.

We’ve helped countless contact centers implement and manage the technologies needed to address their unique challenges.

Our cloud contact center solution can help your company improve customer satisfaction by handling volume, breaking down silos and promoting agent engagement all while ensuring transactional security and reducing operational costs.

We’ll help you modernize the customer experience today and provide the guidance you need to keep up tomorrow.
Contact centre as a service is whatFLP offers due to its enormous benefits as a one-vendor offering brings down costs in your organization
Costs are a crucial and deciding factor for the growth of your business
A well managed contact centre deployed and a service brings down cost considerably to favor business growth

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies to utilize a contact center provider’s software. A CCaaS model allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need, which reduces the need for internal IT support.

CCaaS is an ideal option for many contact centers, offering scalability as operational needs change. By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low and costs are significantly reduced while capabilities to better serve customers are expanded.

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