Wireless is the next step into Digital taking it ahead for the collaborative and unified communicati...

Wireless and Mobility introduces a new generation networking and collaboration

Safe, accessible wireless networks are essential to any organization’s operations.

Wireless networks allow users to connect their favorite devices to engage with technology. Having the equipment and services to support a diverse infrastructure is essential to increasing mobility and maximizing mobile network value both functionally and monetarily. FLP offers the full product line of wireless equipment to meet clients’ specific wireless goals

We focus on how seamlessly you can integrate wireless and mobility applications for better performance

With 80% of mobile data already consumed indoors and growing demand for seamless anytime, anywhere network coverage, radio planning for indoor and outdoor mobile services can no longer be handled separately.

At FLP we understand radio planning inside and out, and have developed the FLP suite of tools to provide an integrated RF planning solution, which allows indoor and outdoor networks to be designed and deployed in coordination and at the lowest cost.

FLP Professional is an all-in-one, heterogeneous network planning, optimization and simulation solution for Small Cells, DAS and Wi-Fi across indoor and outdoor environments and also integrates with macro cell networks.

Deploy wireless services while keeping the productivity high and costs low
Intense competition in the market and skills needed to absorb new networking offerings while keeping costs low is the challenge for today’s organizations
Agile Wan and hybrid IT will change the face of your business
While lowering costs we help you leverage your connectivity through wireless WAN

Wireless network optimization is a key process in the wireless network.

The main objective of optimizing a wireless network is to ensure quality coverage of RF signal which is being transmitted by the Base Station Transceivers (BTS) or Radio Base Stations (RBS). There are various processes involved, which mainly include the collection of data, analysis of the data collected, where engineers ascertain the problems associated with the network and a final step optimization, which deals with the solutions or recommendation to the problems 

Wireless WAN services can be deployed as the ideal primary network connection for field offices or remote locations that are inaccessible by wireline networks.

Many rural and remote locations cannot get terrestrial services or wired circuits are extremely expensive and has long installation timeframes, up to 6 months to deliver network connections.

Primary wireless WAN solutions can be deployed quick, delivering day-1 network connectivity, saving time and cost for businesses.


Wireless WAN solutions are also being increasingly deployed as part of business continuity solutions.
Wireless WAN can provide the scalable and flexible failover network connectivity for business continuity solution because wireless WAN services provide a true diverse path for terrestrial connections, a cost effective backup for mission-critical applications.
The effectiveness of communication within your work-place and globally essentially comes from robust networking and connectivity
Making your business service oriented and customer centric with augmented connectivity and integration

Stay connected always, anywhere, anytime with enhanced integration and connectivity

Enhance access with faster speed and agility to data, apps, and information

Integrate devices and apps to stay connected within your work place and outside too

The right kind of integration boosts connectivity. With expert integration solutions you are not only helping save time and efforts by way of collaboration, you are bringing all the devices, apps on one platform to make a power house, performance oriented environment. Connectivity and integration is a marriage of convenience and technology giving rise to better communication and solutions for your customers.

FLP's Unified Access (UA) solution provides design guidance on solving key business problems related to network access—on-campus or remotely—with traditional devices such as laptops and desktops as well as non-traditional devices like iPhones, iPads, and other personal devices.

Unified Access is an integrated solution that brings together security, mobility, management, and intelligent network infrastructure to target and solve key business problems. Unified Access clearly illustrates the importance of network infrastructure as the foundation for intelligently and dynamically solving network access challenges.

Organizations are changing the way they deploy access networks, connected devices, and business applications
Enable your employees to have secure access to corporate resources and information like emails, content, and apps through their personal devices, without having their privacy compromised with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an IT policy that encourages and allows employees to use their personal mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops — to access enterprise network, systems and data.

BYOD today is becoming more prevalent as people now own their own mobile computing devices and also tend to get attached to a particular type of device or

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