Make more sense out of your server and storage with systematic analysis and evaluation processes

Evaluating the entire life-cycle of the storage of organizations can help find definite solutions
Consolidate your data and reduce call time with efficient application management by FLP
Data consolidation will also help manage your IT better saving you a lot of operational as well as infrastructural costs

Understanding the need and the requirements of each organization is the key to customizing storage


In today’s given situation, where social media and digital revolution is on a surge, the amount of data coming in is going to keep increasing exponentially. This is putting organizations under a lot of pressure to find the right knowledge partner who can guide, assist and endure this change with innovative solutions. FLP offers one of the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions when it comes to server and storage.

For business continuity, being innovative with server and storage is the key to success

Maximize employee engagement with application management


Have a cohesive application services platform that will unify communication and collaboration

Strategize your application management to optimize your business benefits

Application management is crucial for business continuity and brand image. FLP helps in being predictive, proactive and offers protection to your apps so that they perform well and it increases your work productivity.

Having one knowledge take care of all your It needs saves a lot revenue of your business
You can invest in innovative practices while we take care of your IT
Flexible and agile solutions define the success of your IT today
We help define the strategies of your IT business to help you have a better grasp on the new technologies

IT support is what keeps the lifeline of your organization running

Optimize your performance through a well maintained IT infrastructure

We are proactive when it comes to maintaining and optimizing your It infrastructure

Konverge steps in to offer a full-fledged IT support in all your needs and issues. We offer a complete package that deals with various aspects such as reducing the down time of your IT, maintaining infrastructure to bring down operative costs, training hardware people to perform at their best. Apart from the regular IT support we also believe in knowledge transfer to your work-force so that they are aware all the time to make the best of your IT.

Reduce business risks with our comprehensive services in SAN and NAS

Having lesser risks means more scope for innovation at your organization

Maximize storage and make it secure to create more value out of your value with our NAS solutions

Konverge offers valuable solutions in Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attach Storage (NAS) too! In storage area network, we help you reduce your business risks by letting you have various flexible innovative solutions. In the Network attach storage, we provide additional storage capacity to store and manage enormous amounts of data in your organization.

Let the hordes of data make you create value and not stop you from racing ahead in the competition
Data is invaluable to your organization and we help you make sense out of it and allow more space through virtualization
If your IT storage is optimized it can offer innumerable benefits to your business
Store well to be able to retrieve invaluable data any time any place

Adapt the new game-changer in IT with virtualization at the top of the ladder

We help you create more know-how of adaptation skills and update you with new technologies

Spend less on infrastructure by adapting virtualization and cloud

Virtualization of storage is the need of the time if you want your data to create more value for your business. Konverge offers comprehensive solutions for storage virtualization that helps you bring down your infrastructure costs and offers secure storage to increase work productivity.

We help you manage RAID and bring and make your operations effortless

Konverge can help you delve deeper into the realm of RAID

Our Microsoft Active Directory Solution can help you manage users in a better way so that you get maximum benefits out of it

Raid also known as Redundant Array of Independent Risk Management is also taken care of by Konverge. We offer the lesser known RAID benefits that are important in your IT storage and overall operations. We help you manage users and groups by managing solid identification and also access to cloud.

Implementation of server storage works only when it is planned and designed in a specific way to benefit your IT
We analyze your data and its resources and based on our analysis we suggest appropriate and customized solutions

We strategize server and storage to help you optimize IT

Our approach to go step wise when it comes to serve storage helps you now the loopholes and how to fix them too

We help you maximize your storage assets and bring down the overall costs with improving efficiencies

A strategic and tactical approach is what we resort to when it comes to server storage, planning, design and implementation. Each of these aspects is handled efficiently and most of all we analyze the need and requirement of each of these aspect for every organization that we work with. Each need is different and we strategize the entire process according to the need.

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