We deploy dedicated and fully committed security solutions to protect, mitigate and safe-guard your ...

Protect your data by deploying a very holistic approach towards security. Achieve this by deploying all possible solutions and strategies to see to it that no weak link remains ignored when it comes to security.
With digital revolution at the peak, change is inevitable. Adapt to change with security as priority
Change is necessary and no organization can benefit from resisting change.

The requirements for a modern ICT infrastructure are very complex and change very fast. We support you in developing and implementing extensive cyber security solutions for data center, enterprise, perimeter, data encryption, endpoint and mobile settings as well as identity & access management. 

Our extensive background enables us to integrate selected and tested products to comprehensive solutions for your enterprise security.

Our own ICT and security experts will gladly help you for the optimal architecture, implementation of IT-Security products and sustainable operation of the IT-Security Infrastructure. Our cyber security experts find the best security solution for every company, in terms of financial viability and technology.

A IT partner who offers a holistic security solution and also customizes it as per the requirement is worth going ahead with.

In an ecosystem of interdependence and unreliable network infrastructure, security breaches can cause damage to your enterprise. In such scenarios, networking should ensure that information is properly shared and resources are pooled together to form a strong link. When it comes to your IT infrastructure, the pressures you are facing are greater today than ever before. Especially given the challenges of the economic downturn, it is imperative than ever to have a robust and secure network infrastructure.

We can help you connect and secure your Network with confidence!

Our Enterprise Network and Security team’s technical expertise and alliances with industry’s leading technology partners, gives our customers the confidence to avail the best technology & Service from us. QDS is proud to be associated with reputed vendors with the highest level of partnerships and skill sets and carry an extensive technology portfolio encompassing key implementation tools, methodologies and industry standards that deliver business productivity. With dedicated Pre-sales consultants and 24/7 onsite support, we have a strong track record of successful turnkey solutions delivery across various verticals.


Grow your business faster by achieving effective and optimized infrastructure security
For an effective infrastructure security integrating various components such as business technology, operational security methodologies are an imperative.
With protection such as firewall to guard your organization, now avoid security threats from entering and disrupting your workplace
Our special security coverage with Firewall will enable you to avoid any critical infrastructure disruption saving you a lot of cost and brand reputation from getting hampered. We help leverage your business and its economy while we provide continuous security to all the threats.

Secure Mobile Access can be achieved by having complete control over the mobile access in organizations


Alarming Security compliances will work like fire-fighters at the slightest hint of danger

Applying security within infrastructure means, largely applying it through protecting your applications as well... We start the scrutiny from scratch looking into the application source code, design and identifying the possibilities if loop-holes that are vulnerable for security breach. Our app testing identifies related architectural deficiencies in the apps and possible gateways for threats.

Web-based applications, cloud services, social media, dynamic content and advanced communications tools open doors to productivity, business opportunities and growth – and also to security threats.

These threats come in many forms – botnets, data leaks or breaches, viruses and malware, malicious content, phishing and other scams, browser exploits, and so the list goes on.

Our Firewalls solution offers three security configurations for different business and compliance needs, protecting you from security risks that could result in financial or data loss and the consequences of a damaged reputation. It also ensures your compliance with requirements for data protection.

Now have a robust wall of security to monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic
With Firewall have a control line between secure inner networks and outside networks.
Help find smarter and wiser ways to prevent infections and entry of malware into your network by unleashing the power of Antivirus
If you seal the gateway with robust security solutions such as an Anti-Virus, the question of mitigating risks, avoiding spending on repairing damages doesn’t arise. Investing in Anti-virus security is the wisest choice for organizations as it prevents the future loses in terms of time, effort and money

Antivirus software ain't what it used to be.

The sneaky, sophisticated security threats your PC faces now have gone far beyond what traditional software can do. The future of protecting your PC will require a multi-pronged approach involving vigilant updates, bug bounties, and artificial intelligence.

Now with Anti-virus installed at the right time at the right spots in your network, monitor, manage and maintain your web gate-way like never before.

Have you network sealed for allowing only that information that is devoid of any disguised devils and carrier of viruses

Customize your security options such as having a network intrusion protection installed to monitor, avoid and mange threat and security breaches as much as possible.

Prevent, protect and keep the network healthy and business uninterrupted by deploying the right security strategies for network intrusion protection

Konverge provides a real-time, intelligent security management system that analyzes and manages networks and their vulnerability. We customize security solutions and provide what’s best for you. Identifying the weak links in your network and reducing the complexity to simply protection is what Konverge excels in.

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