Adapt Virtualization for agility and making your business more valuable

Make this transformation work for you in terms of performance and productivity
Virtualization can give your business the necessary resilience
Recover from any unpredictable disaster in your system with virtualization. Thus enjoy the big advantage of uninterrupted business to ahead of your competitors

FLP’s virtualization solution suite comprises server virtualization products, cloud management software, disaster recovery and backup software, and System Operation Insight (SOI) software. It virtualizes hardware resources, centrally managing both virtualized and hardware resources. It also provides basic backup and disaster recovery, management of heterogeneous resource pools, lightweight operation, cloud services, infrastructure visualization, performance management, and other capabilities.

The need to bring down capex costs and infrastructural costs has given rise to the technological marvel called Virtualization

 To monitor and secure virtual workloads, it is critical to have immediate and deep visibility of network activity across the entire infrastructure. Application and security monitoring tools need to be able to analyze security threats, congestion points and application behavior. To accomplish this, data from the physical and virtual network must be readily accessible.

FLP offers an integrated solution.

With it, security operations and networking teams can automate traffic visibility of both physical and virtual workloads and networks while benefiting from the efficiency of a virtualized network.

By virtualizing the network, the network administrator can automate many of the tasks previously performed manually, making the network much easier to scale.
FLP provides a number of powerful solution components for basic virtualizing tasks,
When It Comes to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, IT Administrators Have an Abundance of Choices.

The demands towards performance and reliability of information technology assets are increasing constantly, because IT solutions are constituting an integral part of day-to-day operations in more and more business areas in organizations and enterprises of all kinds. At the same time, current and future requirements also include that IT costs have to be reduced, general expenses minimized and business processes streamlined.

The resulting precarious balancing act between scarce resources on the one hand and rising expectations on the other calls for new approaches towards IT management as a whole. Virtualization and cloud computing can offer suitable answers and consequently continue a year-long tendency to transform rigid infrastructures into flexible "Infrastructure as a Service“.

Virtualization brings efficiency to the storage environment. By pooling storage resources into a single resource, administrators can manage all of the space included in the pool regardless of its location. This allows for much better storage utilization, often reaching 80% or better.

Storage management is also easier since virtualized storage can be managed from a single administrative console -- a storage administrator can see utilization trends and growth patterns more clearly and make better upgrade or capacity planning decisions. 

Minimize the complexity of your IT infrastructure with Storage Virtualization
Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50 percent and energy costs by as much as 80 percent, saving more than $3,000 per year for each virtualized server workload.
VDI delivers workforce transformation, by enabling users without compromising security or high-quality end user experience and streamlining IT resources and management.

Today’s IT staff are faced with ever-rising costs, increased complexity of maintaining remote client devices, a growing need to avoid security problems, and the need for flexibility and global availability of compute resources. Mobile workers require access to files, applications and other corporate resources from a variety of user devices, and they rely on IT to manage those resources and ensure data security. Remote and branch offices also need to know their desktops are properly managed, upgrades and patches are applied and data is backed up—without incurring the cost of deskside IT visits.

FLP client virtualization solution designs supports a range of virtual desktop and virtual application scenarios using industry-proven FLP solution combined with software from Citrix® and VMware® . 

Server virtualization software divides physical servers into multiple virtual segments that can be managed independently. Server virtualization products, commonly referred to as hypervisors, are used by organizations to partition dedicated servers into scalable virtual instances called virtual private servers (VPS).

Virtual private servers created with server virtualization software can each host a unique operating system and be managed independently through an integrated hosting control panel. Organizations use server virtualization software to allocate server resources among virtual machines for workload optimization. Virtual machines created with server virtualization software are often more flexible and reliable to manage than unpartitioned servers. Organizations that house and manage servers internally implement server virtualization software to reduce strains on resources. Additionally, server virtualization software is commonly used by hosting service providers to offer VPS hosting services to their customers.

Reduce IT costs with server virtualization and consolidation. Eliminate over-provisioning, increase server utilization, centralize server management.
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