Conference room is no longer limited to static meetings with a boring routine. Technology has made a...

Perfect teamwork through collaboration supports your technological innovations in a big way
Make your events rich with technology and make the experience unforgettable
Konverge believes in community culture when it comes to bringing people together for events in auditoriums and even training rooms

Your office is not just a place to work from; it’s a second home to your people

The ambience and the facilities in the Boardroom and conference rooms say a lot about you

Making virtualization a part of your meetings and conferences and boardroom rituals is bringing you closer to your customers to help understand their queries better. Reducing cost travel is another factor that helps organizations decide about making technology a priority that adds the needed change in their boardroom and conference facilities.

Reduced costs, enhanced collaboration are factors worth for a high-tech conferencing facilities that FLP offers

Now participate in events to make the most of this converging opportunity

Auditoriums are centers for meetings and presentations that can bring in big business

Make training fun and eventful with Konverge’s offerings of high-tech training centers with technology at the center

Open up the four walls of you auditoriums and training rooms and make the most out of your people, collaboration and conferences. It is time to move out of the traditional concepts of closed auditorium and open up the channels of communication with virtualization.

Give a complete makeover to your marketing and advertising campaigns with Digital Signage
Konverge’s Digital Signage has the capacity to change the face of your business
An effective virtual and e-classroom can operate only on a secure, reliable platform
Be more likely to be a leader in the industry by deploying virtual e-classroom

Digital signage breathes life into your business by making it Interactive, personalized and engaging

Reduce your marketing efforts and increase your profits at the same time with technology

Increase your probability for more opportunities with lesser costs with Digital signage from Konverge

Konverge looks at technology not just as a mere development for human kind but it is a leap into making dreams come true. We are passionate about technology and it is all about being in the right place at the right time. Digital Signage is just another inventive move towards digitization that is bound to take us all toward a brighter future. Be a part of this with us!

Be the change if you want to make the change by bringing in virtual and e-classroom for collaborative learning

Enhance employee learning and training with Konverge’s virtual lessons and equipment

Making your workplace a more learning-centric place full of opportunities to grow

Virtual reality is the game-changer and it is extending itself even to organizations and work force training. With virtual e-classrooms, get competitive advantage by delivering real-time information and data as per the need of the work force. Have all on one platform for better distribution of knowledge across various functions of the organization. Bring down travel costs while having your work-force collaborate more effectively for better business output.

Reduce your carbon Footprint and get web casting done efficiently
Avail a complete package of web casting for your organization and avail the benefits too
A holistic approach to AV system integration makes for the right solution
We analyze the current need of AV at your organization and plan the integration accordingly

Reach your audience like never before whenever and wherever they are

Now create an impeccable impact over your audience with state-of-the-art technology of webcasting from Konverge

Team experts at Konverge help you communicate with all the expertise and fineness to win over your audiences and customers alike

We offer video, as well as audio and also offer live web-casting to help stay ahead in the competition. Today, knowledge transfer has become so advanced with the right technology that the world now has become a smaller place. You can now speak, connect, and bring together people and have all on to one platform with the right knowledge partner.

We make break down the complex technology into simple and help you stay connected uninterrupted

Strong adaptability is the key to successful AV project implementations

Along with deploying AV integration we also manage it to keep your communication sailing smoothly

Our trained personnel will guide you with each and every aspect of AV. We analyze the need and accordingly suggest the right AV solutions to you. Through our years of experience and our attitude to get things just right for our customers we integrate audio and video for the best effects and results.

No more jittery communication, images and videos with Konverge’s best design and planning for your AV
A robust network design is the foundation for efficient bandwidth and other factors to avoid pixilation

We prioritize Audio Video capacities at the time of design, planning and implementation of network

A comprehensive plan is all inclusive of taking care of factors that otherwise affect the quality audio and video

All the parts of installation and implementation should come together to make the best out of audio video and only a firm strategy can help you achieve it

Our AV solutions provide a high quality experience that will set a trend in the market for effective presentation through high-tech AV. Excellent design and planning will lead to longer life of AV and our remote monitoring and management of your AV systems will ensure a long term partnership of success.

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